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The Way Up [a #poem]

the way up
© rabbi menachem creditor
for samyou might think these
tears of descent
and yet, as they fall
everything ascends raw sounds pierce the air
beyond and before words
quiet trembling,
familiar disequilibrium,
a promise made once moment
new possibilities
new lifefinding a new perch
made easier
with each shed hot droplet. #BuildOnLove #life #chooselife #cry #live #love #returnagain

Those Whose Hearts Call

Those Whose Hearts Call
Rabbi Menachem Creditor To look from the outside at Congregation Netivot Shalom, one would think that an army of employees were behind the scenes, creating and implementing our vibrant programs and ritual life. The glory of our community is the ongoing commitment to participatory leadership. Yes, the tasks involved in leading an institution, supporting our 400+ membership, and maintaining our beautiful building on University Avenue - Berkeley, surpass the capacity of our historic model. The needs are just too much for the infrastructure we currently have in place. But that will always be the case, even when our system catches up with the needs we know about. But isn’t that glorious? To be a community that “invites you to engage in a cross-generational discovery of Jewish inspiration and purpose,” as our mission statement reminds us, means that we desire to grow and dream and build and love more and more. Which means that, if we’re blessed to succeed in our missi…