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A new essay, a new video, and 2 re-issued Pesach books!

Thrilled to share with you all a new MyJewishLearning piece about how the deepest intimacy can be both binding and freeing, a video reflection after this year's AIPAC Policy Conference, and my re-issued Pesach Children's Books "A Pesach Rhyme" and Passover essay collection (co-edited with Rabbi Aaron Alexander), "Slavery, Freedom, and Everything in Between!" (Links are below.)
May the month to come find us pruposeful, full-hearted, and free!
Love, Menachem

-- Why is Moses Kept Out of the Tabernacle? (March 9, 2017)
-- Inside/Outside: One Rabbi's Post-AIPAC Musings Facebook Live (March 29, 2017)
-- Slavery, Freedom, and Everything in Between! (co-edited with Rabbi Aaron Alexander)
-- A Pes…

Abandon all fear.

Abandon all fear.
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

There is an ugly truth we'd rather not face, a hate that is alive and well and growing in America.

Face it we must. They are coming for our children. They are coming for our old ones. They are coming for our neighbors. Day Schools, JCC's, religious communities, Jewish Children's Museums, immigrants, Muslims, Jews.

Who is "they," you ask? Look around you. Anyone not actively advocating for and working to ensure the safety of every person is complicit. "Willing executioners" is a frighteningly big category. As Elie Wisel taught, "The opposite of hate is not love. The opposite of hate is indifference."

Friends, we will read the Purim story this Saturday night with recognition. With resilience, with determination. "The whole world is a very narrow bridge," taught Rav Nachman of Bratslav. He closed by showing us all the way forward: "The essential thing is to have no fear. None at all.&qu…