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Joyfully Answering the Call

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the way (a #poem)

the way
(c) Menachem Creditor

keep working your own heart.
open yourself to the next flower,
the next breeze,
the next person you see.

take a moment.
perhaps ask the flower what it needs,
ask the person what she needs.
(dare you ask yourself what you truly need?)

don't worry so much about the way to God.
if you can open yourself to another,
the way to God will reveal itself
that much more clearly.

To the One: We're Still Here

To the One: We're Still Here
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor Dear One, We know. We've given You reason to wonder if we're still here. So this is just to say we get it. We're in pain too, and ready to restart the work. It can feel like there too much to do. But when has ever not been the case? We understand. We're listening again. There are good people everywhere, singing and praying and marching and loving each other. We're in. Thanks for giving us each other. That's all we need. You're the best. Love,

Powerful moment yesterday in shul

Powerful moment yesterday in shul: "Rabbi, I get why some people have a hard time with hard-hitting sermons. We leave feeling more deeply. And that hurts. We leave with a burden. But we need it. It's what we need."One take-away among many: We, members in socially engaged faith communities, must love each other well and fully, so that pain (real, important, global, calling) has a #soulcushion strong enough to absorb, a heart resilient enough to smile at the world we're together building (while also collectively crying/raging at the world we're experiencing). Love is as real as pain, and exponentially stronger - once exposed to the air and shared freely.

Upon Being Arrested

CNS Homepage  |  Make a Gift!  |  CNS Calendar  |  Rabbi Creditor's Blog From Rabbi Creditor:  Upon Being Arrested February 8, 2017  Shevat 13, 5777
Dear Friends,  
As you likely already know, I was arrested two nights ago in New York City as part of an act of civil disobediencewith 18 other rabbis. We joined with hundreds of other rabbis, Jews, and others to protest President Donald Trump's refugee ban. I am still processing the ex


Dear Rabbi Creditor,
Since last week, we have been hearing rumors that President Trump is preparing to issue an Executive Order that would legalize wide-ranging discrimination against LGBTQ people. A leaked draft shows that an Executive Order of this type could be devastating to the LGBTQ community.
This type of Executive Order violates the core values of equality and inclusion that are at the heart of Keshet’s mission and the very ethos of Jewish tradition.
Already, since the election, we have heard from many queer Jewish teens – and LGBTQ people of all ages – who feel vulnerable and fearful that their rights will come under attack under this administration. We cannot stand by and watch these fears become our new reality. Please join Bend the Arc Jewish Action, in partnership with Faith in Public Life and Keshet, today, Thursday 2/2, for an Emergency Faith Briefing call at 4pm EST.
Legal experts from Lambda Legal and Americans United for Separation of Church and State will join the call to…