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© Rabbi Menachem Creditor For the love of God,
for the love of People,
for Love itself... please,
please... don't wait.
Live fully.
Live now.
Love emphatically.
Love freely. And, dear friends,
where Love is challenged by hate,
love harder by being softer.
This is the way. Hallelujah.#loveistheway #love #heart #soul #life #inspiration #god #humanrace #Hope #hallelujah

Rest Will Come Later: A Faithful American Intention

Rest Will Come Later: A Faithful American Intention
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

this new reality threatens
a great undoing


our faiths
our country
our families
our values
our neighbors
they all call


no time
for hopelessness


we will
                    choose                                commit                                            hope

we will choose to hope,
as did those before us:

We will remember
that “the sovereign power
of all civil authority
is founded in the consent
of the people.  (Roger Williams)”

We will “hold
God and people
in one thought at one time,
at all times,
suffer harm done to others,
make compassion our greatest passion,
and make our greatest strengths love and defiance of despair.
(Abraham Joshua Heschel, adapted)”

We will be “a nation
that extends care, compassion, and concern
to those who are locked up and locked out
or headed for prison  before they are old enough to vote.
(Michelle Alexander) ”

We will be “dedicated  to the great task remain…


Rain (c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Thank You for the Rain, for a gift that can't be held.
Precious Life slips through trembling open closed clenched caressing hands but its flow, its flow, the joy of its touch...
it always slips through,  but o' the rapture of its holy touch...
lingering droplets of life on the ground, in the trees, in my hair,  in my eyes...
Thank You for the Rain for a sound that brings  instant memory of a force beyond ourselves.
purifying, drenching, pounding, carrying away, burrowing deep into the forgotten depths an earth that can feel so barren, into a world thirsty for Love...
thank You for the Rain.
Please, please, please... please let it rain some more.

Despite it All

Despite it All
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

no matter what
despite it all
even as we break
we breathe

no matter what
despite it all
even when breathing is harder
we hope

no matter what
despite it all
even when hope falters
we love

no matter what
despite it all
we breathe
we hope
we love

Then There Will Be Enough" - A reflection on this week's #Torah Portion. #toldot #life #wisdom

Please support "Refugee Artists in Greece," an effort led by Dafna Bearson

Living with the Unimaginable: A Thanksgiving Prayer During a Difficult American Moment

Living with the Unimaginable: A Thanksgiving Prayer During a Difficult American Moment © Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Dear God, words feel so small for these feelings
prayer in response can feel right or inadequate timely or timeless
this time it feels different like we’ve traveled through time to yesterday’s darker threat we thought contained in history
suddenly lists reemerge lists of Your Divine Images othered for the sin of knowing You differently
Comforter, suddenly what we realize we know so much less than we had thought
Eternal One, is there time for comfort or does that come later? (will it come?)
Precious Lord, We kneel. We pause to kneel. We must pause if we are to regain the semblance of balance and fulfill our good work in the world. Your world.
On this complicated sacred day where whiteness has been whitewashed many times over abuse masked as beneficence power over disguised as national narrative we pause.
Dear God, We ask: Please be with us as we confront resist self-reflect 
absorb the unimaginable.
May we fin…

A Gift for Shabbes! "There is Hope!"

A Gift for Shabbes!
"There is a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in." - Leonard Cohen z"l "There is hope for your future." - Jeremiah 31:17
Dear Chevreh,
What a week. Tomorrow, in my introduction to the Torah Reading, I'll share a short reflection on how this week can be held well by the Parsha. For now, I'm glad to share with you all a manifestation of hope in which I'm glad to have participated during this last week, a collaborative musical collection entitled "There is Hope." (click the link to download the album!)
My dear friend Rabbi David Paskin and I launched a project called "There is Hope" with the intention of curating a free digital album of music dedicated to hope and healing in uncertain times. 
The artists who responded with generosity and passion include: Marsha Attie, Stacy Beyer, Joanie Calem, Neshama Carlebach, Jennie Chabon, Steve Dropkin, Maya Elise, Adam Feder, Josh Goldberg, Sue Horowitz, B…

journey to [a #poem]

journey to [a #poem] © rabbi menachem creditor

listen so well,
stretch my soul
into her quivering mouth
for meaning

trying, trying, hoping,
desperate to discern

what is she saying?
what needs to be heard?

how can I be in a place
I don’t understand?

how did we get here?

Never mind that.
We’re here.

Where do we go now?
Go. Go to yourselves
to a land that I will show you


leave behind what I know,
the land I thought I knew
journey to…


Broken Glass: Yes, My Child

Broken Glass: Yes, My Child
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor The world turned upside down
with America first
tonight1938 Germany
glass ceilings broke
burning synagogues
neighbors' hatred the accelerant
... tonight? today my child tells me
she is scared
I am tooBut.
And. It is not 1938
and we do not go gently
and we do not go alone
we dare not go alonebroken bonds
threefold cords
calling for repair
for love
for loveyes, my child:
it will get worse
before it gets better
yes, my child:
I am afraidBut.
And. I am here. Alive.
You are here. Alive. Shards of broken glass
history's sharp, bloody call
to overcome,
to never forget
to walk this narrow bridge unafraid
to live fiercely with, not againstthat banner yet waves
over kneeling brothers and sisters
hands up, heavy spirits all
teary eyes searching heaven
for reassurance we are not resigned
not resigned
despair, an unforgivable sinwe will not hate
I will not hateSay it with me, child:
I. Will. Not. Hate.
I. Will. Not. Hate. the ob…

For America, With Trembling Hands

For America, With Trembling Hands 
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Each line drawn with my trembling hand, this act, this obligation, this privilege is complete.

My daughters, my mother, my matriarchs in my crying eyes as I voted for President.

So many others in America, incarcerated, gunned down, ignored - the fate of so many is in our hands. Was in my hands. Your hands.

I pray we do right today, America. One more step toward life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Toward justice and equality. For all. 
Really, God, for all.


#vote #voting #Prayer #election2016

White Privilege at Shul