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An Intention for Hope in the New Year

An Intention for Hope in the New Year
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor Hope. In the darkest moments it is still there. We've faced more than enough hardship to understand if it had evaporated. But it hasn't. Hope is a sustainable and renewable source of energy. The real question is each of us remembering to access hope, to nurture it, to channel gratitude for existence itself to fuel the internal and personal commitment to life, which is itself a resurgence of hope for life beyond the self. 'It is not good for a person to be alone,' after all. We are wired to connect. Therefore, hope within one holds the potential hope for at least two. A note about the furious pace of history:Time has always been on the march; we just learn more about each second more immediately than before. (Imagine how unsettling a live-tweet of the events of the 20th century might have felt.) 'The world is too much with us' is not a new sentiment, and the 'anatomy of hope' is similarly es…

As we close the book of Genesis and prepare for Exodus...

As we close the book of Genesis and prepare for Exodus, may we acknowledge our mortality, feel our own historic Jewish vulnerability, and the promise of liberation. And, as we re-experience our traumatic and inspiring sacred stories, the narratives that define us as Jews, may we remember that all people are worthy of being saved, and that freedom brings with it the responsibility to stand in solidarity with every vulnerable other. May there be no more plagues. May we all sing our freedom songs, sunlight touching our closed, relaxed eyes, feeling safe, side by side.

Something for Everyone - Coming Up at CNS in January!

Quick Links CNS Homepage CNS Calendar Support CNS! Get involved! Rabbi Creditor's Blog Shabbat, January 8-9 How American Jews Can Help Bend the Arc Toward Justice! A Bend the Arc Scholar in Residence Shabbat at CNS with Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block, Deputy Director of Bend the Arc Jewish Action
Click here for more info! A Note from Rabbi Creditor: Something for Everyone -  Coming Up at CNS in January! 13 Tevet, 5776 Dec. 24, 2015
Dear Chevreh,
The incredible array of upcoming programs in January at Netivot Shalom demonstrates how the passions of our members broaden and deepen our life as a community.  CNS is surging forward into the new year with more opportunities for Jewish growth and learning than ev

light always calls [a #nospoiler #starwars #poem]

light always calls
[a #nospoiler #starwars #poem]
© rabbi menachem creditorstars, suns, sand, snow
aren't enough
the very cosmos can't fill
that kind of hole
place isn't anything at allacross fiery chasm
binding unbound
descent offering offered
order undone
torn, torn, torn, tornmother
ache for homelight always calls............................
Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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A mini-reflection on officiating at ritual moments

A mini-reflection on officiating at ritual moments 
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor
inspired by Tehilah Eisenstadt-Feil
My deepest growth as a ritual officiant  came when I realized I had forgotten to 'be the officiant' and was 'just' being myself under the chupah, at graveside, in the hospital. We are already the people we will be be under the chupah, at graveside, in the hospital, and that's why those moments are so raw and real. Ritual only wields its magic when our honest souls surrender to the moment and allow ourselves, as guides, to be guided.

CNS Social Action Committee meeting this Sunday, Dec 20

Social Action Committee meeting this Sunday, Dec 20Hello everybody,

Our next Social Action meeting is fast approaching! Please join us:
The 2nd Shul-Wide Social Action Planning Meeting Sunday, December 20, at 7pm
in the CNS library

We will hear from each of our 4 task forces - reproductive justice, refugees, environment, and hunger/poverty - and create a social action plan for the coming year. Hope to see you there!

Also, a big shout out to the volunteers and contributors of the lovely December 6 kiddush, who co-sponsored kiddush with Jim Mavrikios and Cynthia Whitehead: Kate Burch, Esther Brass, Tree Gelb Stuber, Jacob Richards, Tobie Lurie, Ednah Beth Friedman, Karen Pliskin, Norma Kaufman, Sari Broner, David Callen, and our kiddush mastermind Laura Callen - thank you for putting together a beautiful kiddush for our community!

See you Sunday,

Hilla Abel
Social Action Chair
Copyright © 2015 Social Action Committee at CNS, All rights reserved.

A Channukah Note: Glimpses of Light

A Channukah Note: Glimpses of Light (c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Dear Chevreh,

It is just a few days before Channukah, and yet another intense week has unfolded. I'm sure you've been attuned to things happening in the world, too many to count. This won't be a message pointing to headlines. There are more than enough sources for information in our lives, and the world remains too much with us. Our precious Jewish communities are here for more than headlines - we are here to walk together in meaningful ways in the world.

Yes, we stand witness as individuals and as a sacred Jewish community and are called to respond with what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel z"l called "transitive concern," or sacred love. Yes, the pouring rain on my windowsill right now is surely God's Holy Tears, given this week's hurt in San Bernadino, Houston, Jerusalem, and beyond. May we be strong enough to offer God's Creation the comfort and healing it needs.   
All this demands th…

it's all true [a #poem]

it's all true (c) rabbi menachem creditor
it's true all of it the rain and the sun and the pain and the comfort and the unpredictable and the unexpected the dark, the dark but O, the light. It's all true.