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This Sunday at CNS: Israeli author and illustrator Judy Tal Kopelman, author of "Grandpa's Third Drawer: Unlocking Holocaust Memories"

CNS's V'zot Yisrael, Youth Education and Adult Education committees present:Israeli author and illustrator Judy Tal KopelmanSunday June 1st,  10:00-11:45 AM  in the CNS library Judy will be reading from the new English translation of her 2003 Hebrew children's book, Grandpa's Third Drawer, which touches gently on the Shoah, and she will be sharing her experience talking with children about the Shoah.  This is a program for all interested adults, and for children in kindergarten to sixth grade with their parent/s.   Grandpa's Third Drawer is a highly acclaimed, award winning book in Israel, enthusiastically accepted by educators and parents and loved by children. It has twice won first prize in a nation-wide survey of all school children, won the Ze'ev Prize for children's literature and was just recently elected as a leading book in "Paths of Memory"  - the Israeli Ministry of Education's new national Shoah education program.Judy will …

Don't Miss the Annual Berkeley Community-Wide Tikkun Leil Shavuot this Tues nite! For Tikkun Program Schedule, visit!!

Don't Miss the Annual Berkeley Community-Wide Tikkun Leil Shavuot this Tues nite! For Tikkun Program Schedule, visit!!

I Post Too Much About Guns

I Post Too Much About Guns
© Rabbi Menachem Creditori post too much
about guns
it's truenot enjoyable
but it is, i suppose, a habit
like stamps or dolls
or trading cardsdifference is
i only collect
what's been lost.

Fwd: Welcome back CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin!

Welcome back CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin!
27 Iyyar, 5774 // May 27, 2014
Dear Chevreh,Please join me in welcoming back CNS Rabbinic Intern Josh Buchin! Josh will serve as Rabbinic Intern at Netivot Shalom June until August. This will be an amazing opportunity to share an emerging rabbinate with the growing rabbinic needs of the Netivot Shalom community! Josh will be facilitating some Shabbat services, shadowing me in some of my meetings, sharing Torah, and meeting with different groups in our community, learning and offering support. I'm so very grateful to share my rabbinic journey with an intern, and so very pleased that it is specifically Josh. I've come to truly admire the heart and soul he brings to this calling we share.Once Shavuot passes, we will share some of Josh's specific roles and teaching. For now, I hope you'll join me in preparing to welcome him home!Kol Tuv,Rabbi Creditor
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A Prayer on Memorial Day

A Prayer on Memorial Day
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor
in memory of our fallen servicewomen and servicemenDear God,Too many people
have died in war.
Only You can hold
all of their souls.
We ask that You do.
Hold their blessed memories.Please help us love
life more than money.
Remind us that
Your Image is on
every side of every border. Please, God,
help us bring Peace closer,
so that the lists of
fallen children
can finally stop growing.Amen.----
° netivotshalom. org

Participating in Each Other's Lives

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Participating in Each Other's Lives Iyyar 19, 5774May 19, 2014Dear Chevreh,I fell in love with Netivot Shalom the first time I visited, just 7 years ago. Here's why: I couldn't count the number of people who took turns leading. And by "leading," I mean davening, welcoming, teaching, and more. That spirit is the soul of our community, and I am so grateful to be a part of the participatory commitment which is the bedrock of our shul. It is a large part of why we stand out in the American Jewish landscape. Conservative rabbis blast Yesh Atid MK on Jewish marriage Conservative rabbis blast Yesh Atid MK on Jewish marriage The rabbis warn that by deferring to the Orthodox, Aliza Lavie and her colleagues are creating a rift between Israel and world Jewry.By | May 21, 2014 | 12:03 PM MK Aliza Lavie in the KnessetPhoto by Emil Salman Text size

Conservative Rabbis are Masorati, Jewish, and Zionist!

Connecting the Dots
Dear Rabbi, 
As you may know, the closing program at last week's Rabbinical Assembly Convention featured Knesset Member Aliza Lavie of Yesh Yatid.  The Masorti Movement in Israel was happy to assist the RA in making this connection that brought one of our major religion and state partners to address the convention.  It would be neither fair nor polite to criticize an MK who flew thousands of miles to address us - a time commitment which of itself deserves our respect. Moreover MK Lavie stands alone in her left-center, chiluni party - an Orthodox Jew who cares about the Chief Rabbinut's descent into a very deep, dark place.
Despite our respect for her hard work and scholarly writing, we couldn't help but notice that MK Lavie's journey towards pluralism doesn't include legislation that would legitimize recognition our rabbis and the 1.2 million US Conservative Jews - the  same Conservative Jews who are disproportionately represented among America…

JPost: "Conservative Jewish leader says Israel alienating Diaspora Jewry"

[ed. note: I am so proud, so inspired by the bravery and leadership of my colleague, my teacher, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld. - rmc]
Conservative Jewish leader says Israel alienating Diaspora Jewry
05/18/2014 19:16

US rabbi says state policies regarding non-Orthodox movements is endangering the unity of the Jewish people.
One of the most senior members of the Conservative Movement Rabbi Julie Schonfeld spoke out sharply against the religious establishment and government in Israel last week, saying that the state's policies regarding non-Orthodox movements was endangering the unity of the Jewish people.

Schonfeld, the executive vice president of the Conservative Movement's Rabbinical Assembly, was responding to a speech given by Yesh Atid MK Aliza Lavie at the 2014 Convention of the movement in Dallas, Texas.

During her address, Lavie spoke of the nume…

This Shabbat’s After Birkat HaMazon Program at Congregation Netivot Shalom: "Chaim of Volozhin and Human Prophecy"

This Shabbat's After Birkat HaMazon Program at Congregation Netivot Shalom:Chaim of Volozhin and Human ProphecyWith Rabbi Menachem CreditorWhat is a prophet, in a Jewish sense? What is the capacity of a human being to influence the world? Can we know the future? Come join Rabbi Creditor in a text-sparked conversation about God, Torah, and the human soul.Shabbat BechukotaiMay 16, 2014 (after Birkat hamazon, approx. 1pm)Congregation Netivot Shalom-------
Rabbi Menachem Creditor ▶

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Fwd: Weekly News from Congregation Netivot Shalom - May 17

SHABBAT SHALOM - WEEKLY NEWS For a copy of our paper announcements, please click here! Congregation Netivot Shalom|Shabbat BechukotaiMay 17, 2014 / 17 Iyar, 5774 | Shabbat Shalom!Bat Mitzvah of Ariella Brodie-WeisbergShabbat Leaders: Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Rabbi of Congregation Netivot ShalomPsukei D'ZimraRabbi Dorothy RichmanShacharitJulie BatzTorah ServiceAriella Brodie-Weisberg