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Fall Adult Education Opportunities at Netivot Shalom! @cnsberkeley #torahrocks

New Adult Programs & Classes at Netivot Shalom!Wednesday Torah Study (Wednesday's at 1 pm in the Library)Study the weekly Torah portion with insights from ancient midrashim and contemporary thinkers. The discussion will be facilitated by either Rabbi Bochner or Rabbi Creditor. Intermediate Talmud Class with Rabbi Shalom Bochner, Thursdays at 5:40 in the LibraryCome and learn the origins of the Sidur through our weekly journey through the first volume of the Talmud, Masechet Berachot. Comfort with reading Hebrew is preferred.  Learn the teachings and humor of our sages. It's got everything - including the kitchen sink!  And we generally debate with each other in the spirit of the sages! Shabbat Torah Study (9:00 am, Shabbat Mornings in the Library)Read, discuss, and debate the week's Parasha.  We use Etz Chayim as our text.  We often have professional teachers lead the discussion, but just as often skilled volunteers from our congregation are our leaders. See you next S… "German Jewish college shuns skullcaps after attack on Rabbi in Berlin" #altishkach #neverforget "German Jewish college shuns skullcaps after attack on rabbi in Berlin"

By Madeline Chambers BERLIN | Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:00am EDT (Reuters) - One of the first rabbis ordained in Germany since the Holocaust has been beaten up on a Berlin street, prompting a seminary to advise its students not to wear skullcaps in public.

Daniel Alter, 53, was attacked in front of his young daughter after collecting her from a piano lesson on Tuesday after a young man asked him "Are you a Jew?", said Berlin police.

A group of four young men hit him in the face repeatedly, shouted religious insults and threatened to kill his daughter. The rabbi needed hospital treatment to his face.

German media reported that the attackers "probably had an Arab background". The country's Central Council of Muslims condemned the attack.

Alter told Bild daily he was shocked at the shameless way his attac…

Rabbi Reuven Hammer in J Post on Hatred of Arabs

Loving the stranger, stopping the hatred08/30/2012 13:38By REUVEN HAMMER Israel has reacted with shock and revulsion to two recent attacks on Arabs by Jewish youth.

Israel has reacted with shock and revulsion to two recent attacks on Arabs by Jewish youth, the fire bombing of an Arab taxi near Bat Ayin and the attack on an Arab youth in downtown Jerusalem. Perhaps it took these two extreme events to wake us up and make us take seriously something that should have been obvious to us all for a long time: hatred of Arabs is common among our youth and is not only verbal by violent.

The anti-Arab cries of crowds of young people at sports events in Teddy Stadium and elsewhere have been common for years, as have "death to Arab" graffiti in our city streets. The price-tag attacks in the West Bank have become commonplace, including firebombing of mosques. Little enough has been done to stop them. Perhaps those of us not living in the territories have dismis…

I Apologize

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11 Elul 5772 - August 28, 2012

Sept 2: Storytime at Afikomen Judaica with Rabbi Creditor! --

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Rabbis for Obama is Too Important to Become Distracted by a Mistake

Rabbis for Obama is Too Important to Become Distracted by a Mistake
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
In response to the RJC and RNC (and, by extension, and others aligned with the Romney Campaign) latching onto the inclusion of rabbis connected with Jewish Voice for Peace in the just-launched Rabbis for Obama: Simply stated: by fomenting discord, the Romney base is siphoning energy from and ignoring the actual purpose of Rabbis for Obama
To be clear, I agree that the inclusion of any rabbi affiliated with Jewish Voice for Peace is a mistake. I say this from my own experiences in the Bay Area with what I've experienced as anti-Israel efforts. I say this from personal Jewish commitment and from my political commitment to building consensus within the Jewish community on any topic. 
But I believe an affirming and important realization should also emerge from this constructed kerfuffle: The media paying attention to this indicates that Rabbis matter in American politics.

Press Release: "The Launch of Rabbis for Obama" -- #obama2012

Obama for America Launches Rabbis for Obama By Max Slutsky, Jewish Outreach Coordinator on August 21, 2012

Obama for America today announced the launch of Rabbis for Obama, a campaign initiative to engage and mobilize grassroots supporters. This group of over 613 rabbis - more than double the number of when Rabbis for Obama launched in 2008 – from across the country and across all Jewish denominations recognize that the President has been and will continue to be an advocate and ally on issues important to the American Jewish community. That is why they are committed to re-electing President Obama and actively doing their part to move our country forward. "This list of rabbis represents a broad group of respected Jewish leader from all parts of the country. These rabbis mirror the diversity of American Jewry. Their ringing endorsement of President Obama speaks volumes about the President's deep com…