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A Note from Rabbi Creditor: Netivot Shalom is featured in Today's "Forward"!

A Note from Rabbi Creditor Netivot Shalom in the News! CNS Website / CNS Blog / CNS Calendar / CNS Preschool / Shorashim Hebrew School Amitim / Midrasha / CNS Adult Education / Make a donation to Netivot Shalom! 11 Sivan, 5772 - May 31, 2012 Dear Chevreh,

CNS is featured prominently in the Forward newspaper today! (click here for the story!) The cover photo for the Forward's article is of the wedding one year ago of CNS members Kate Smallenburg Burch and Margee Churchon Burch, as they accepted their Ketubah, made by CNS member (& Board Secretary!) Meredith Trauner.  Rabbi Kelman and I were both interviewed for the article, sharing our different approaches, as Conservative Rabbis, to same-sex Jewish marriages.  The article was sparked by the momentous decision today of the Conservative/Masorti Movement's Committee on Jewish Law and Standards to adopt templates for same-sex Jewish wedding rituals. As CNS member Nina Meigs put it:  It's a good, good day. Today, after 6 years of de… Conservative Rabbis Give Gay Marriage Advice "Conservatives Give Gay Wedding Guidance"Rabbis Adopt Two New Frameworks for Same-Sex Marriages ALISON YIN AND ADM GOLUB By the Power Vested in Me: Rabbi Menachem Creditor marries Margee Churchon and Kate Smallenburg in Berkeley, Calif. Conservative rabbis are grappling with how to adapt a traditional Jewish wedding for same-sex couples.
By Naomi Zeveloff Published May 31, 2012, issue of June 08, 2012.
When Gerald Skolnik, the president of a group of 1,600 Conservative rabbis, was asked to officiate at a gay wedding last year, he didn't know where to start. "I was flying by the seat of my pants," he said. Should the wedding look like a heterosexual ceremony, or something else entirely?Now he has guidelines to turn to. After years of deliberation, the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly has provided guidance to rabbis for performing same-sex marriages.On May 31, the ass…

Oz veHadar: Soulfarm at Netivot Shalom!

Oz veHadar: Soulfarm at Netivot Shalom! May 30, 2012!

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld in Ha'aretz: "Recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis is a partial - but hopeful - victory" "Recognition of non-Orthodox rabbis is a partial - but hopeful - victory"
In stable democracies, struggles to overcome fundamental inequalities are, by definition, won by incremental victories.
By Rabbi Julie Schonfeld | May.30, 2012 |

The decision by the Attorney General to recognize Masorti and Reform rabbis as community leaders and fund their salaries under certain limited circumstances could be an inflection point in the path towards a new relationship for Judaism and the Jewish state.

It is a partial victory, still replete with inconsistencies that temper its impact – the rabbis can serve outlying communities but not in cities, they are paid from a different budget, they may not exercise leadership in matters characterized by decision-making in halakah. Nonetheless, this victory gives ample reason for hope. In stable democracies, struggles to overcome fun…

This Week: Job, Soulfarm, and Amitim for Grown-Ups!

This Week at CNS!(see below for more information)
Tonight (Tues): New Adult Class on The Book of JobWednesday: Soulfarm in Concert! Friday: Final Minyan Lev Shalem for the Year!Shabbat: Amitim for Grown-Ups Celebration!People, God, and Whirlwinds: Wisdom from the Book of Job
with Rabbi Menachem Creditor 
Tuesday nights at 7:30pm: May 29; June 5, & 12 7:30pmTuition: $60 for the series, no one turned away for lack of funds Minyan Lev Shalem! This Friday Night at 6:30! Click here for the melodies! Celebrate a year of Adult Jewish Journeying with Amitim for Grown-Ups this Shabbat Morning! (June 2!) 

This Wednesday, May 30, 7:00 PM Congregation Netivot Shalom (1316 University Ave, Berkeley) cosponsored by Urban Adamah, Contra Costa Jewish Day School, NCSY, and Congregation Netivot Shalom!PURCHASE TICKETS AT THE DOOR OR ONLINE! (CLICK HERE!) $10/adults, $6/children, students, seniors Soulfarm is a New York City based Jam-band founded in Israel by Grammy Award winner lead guitarist C Lanzbom and gu… "For first time, Israel to recognize Reform and Conservative rabbis"

For first time, Israel to recognize Reform and Conservative rabbis
State to support salaries of non-Orthodox rabbis; 'rabbis of non-Orthodox communities' will not have authority over religious and halakhic matters.
By Yair Ettinger | May.29, 2012 |
In an unprecedented move, Israel has announced that it is prepared to recognize Reform and Conservative community leaders as rabbis and fund their salaries.

Rabbis belonging to either stream will be classified as "rabbis of non-Orthodox communities." The attorney general advised the High Court that the state will begin equally financing non-Orthodox rabbis in regional councils and farming communities that are interested in doing so.

The state's answer comes in response to a petition that was made in 2005 by the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, in the name of the Reform communit…

Shavuot: "Unconditional Love"

Shavuot: "Unconditional Love"
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
In honor of my mother, my teacher, Ruby Eisenberg-CreditorWe read the Scroll of Ruth on Shavuot, the day we harvest our fields and the day we stood at Sinai.  What is the unconditional love the rabbis believed connected Naomi and Ruth, a mother and daughter-in-law who traversed life's complicated journey together.? It is, as the rabbis put it, 'sofo lehitkayem' (destined to be fulfilled). A love built to last.How might we become blessed by this greatest of all loves? By loving unconditionally, by granting those closest and farthest from us the right to be right, the space to dream their own dream, and - perhaps hardest of all - to love us on THEIR terms. That means that, while every one of us aches for and is worthy of love, the form that love takes is going to be shaped by the giver's soul, not the receiver's. No matter the shape of my love-intake valve, if I truly love another, my intake valve …

A wonderful new program for Hebrew speaking children ages 3-6!

A Shavuot Excerpt from "The Observant Life"

About ShavuotBy Rabbi Alan Lucas
Excerpted from The Observant LifeShavuot falls on the sixth and seventh days of the Hebrew month of Sivan. (The festival is observed only on the sixth of Sivan in Israel.) Like Sukkot and Passover, it is a multi-dimensional holiday, embracing profound historical, spiritual, and agricultural aspects.From the agricultural perspective, Shavuot marks the end of the counting of the omerthat began on Passover, but it is also referred to in the Torah at Numbers 28:26 as yom ha-bikkurim (the day of first fruits) and at Exodus 23:16 as hag ha-katzirthe harvest festival. In Israel, especially on the agricultural kibbutzim, much has been made of this aspect of the festival, and elaborate ceremonies involving the first fruits of the harvest season have been developed. Outside of Israel, many synagogues attempt to incorporate this theme by adorning their sanctuaries with flowers or other symbols of the fertile earth.The historical dimension of the festival has to …

Chancellor Eisen's Newest Blog Post: "Let's Talk About Women Rabbis"

Dear JTS Community,What does it mean to be a woman devoted to a career that is dominated by men? If she is a newly ordained rabbi, what are her hopes and aspirations for her future in the rabbinate? What are her anxieties? Yesterday's events at Israel's Western Wall drive home the significance of what it means to be a woman rabbi and to have women rabbis, and highlights the fact that many in Israel—and here—are resisting these changes.This week in "Let's Talk About Women Rabbis," my newest blog post at On My Mind: Arnie Eisen, two of our recently ordained graduates and I explore what it means to be a woman rabbi in 2012.
I encourage you to share your thoughts as well at,Arnold M. Eisen
The Jewish Theological SeminaryP.S. You can also follow me on Twitter @ArnoldEisen

Josh Nathan-Kazis on "On the Train Back to Williamsburg [from the Charedi Rally at Citifield]"

Josh Nathan-Kazis on "On the Train Back to Williamsburg [from the Charedi Rally at Citifield]"

"...A rabbi named Yechiel Meir Katz had drawn an implicit historical parallel in his address earlier in the evening between the rejection of Zionism by the Orthodox and the need to reject the Internet. Another speaker, Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman, underlined the point, citing Communism and Zionism as historical challenges the Jewish people had been forced overcome." 
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9 days till #soulfarm in #berkeley!

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