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A Special Request: Help Fund My First Solo Album!

Dear Chevreh, 
For the past 20 years, I've been blessed to sing with musical groups, and before that I learned to express my heart's music at my parents' magic Shabbat table.  I'm proud to share that I am poised to release my first solo album!  The album, tentatively titled "Within", is scheduled for release in the early Fall – if I can secure funding.   We've recorded the tracks, and we're up to the production stage.
"Within"contains 7 songs: 4 new original compositions, one never-before-recorded song by Debbie Friedman z"l, one cover of an Ansel Matthews piece, and one collaboration with my friend and musical soul-mate Rabbi David Paskin setting of an Abraham Joshua Heschel z"l poem.  Here are two audio samples: Yedid Nefesh Sample (melody: Menachem Creditor)Scottish Niggun Sample (lyrics: Elazar Azikri z"l, melody: Menachem Creditor) My dream for this album is for my music to be framed by my sacred community, Congregation Netiv… "Gay Marriage in New York Puts Conservative Rabbis on the Spot" "Gay Marriage in New York Puts Conservative Rabbis on the Spot" By Naomi ZeveloffPublished June 29, 2011, issue of July 08, 2011.
Orthodox rabbis fought it. Reform rabbis championed it. And when New York's historic same-sex marriage bill was finally signed into law June 24, Conservative rabbis scratched their heads. Marriage equality is a done deal in New York — the law is set to take effect 30 days from the date it was signed — but in the Conservative movement, the passage of the bill highlights the uncertainty that many Conservative rabbis feel when it comes to officiating marriage between gay men or between lesbians. Now, with their gay congregants' relationships sanctioned by the State of New York, Conservative leaders are feeling increased pressure to clarify their position on same-sex unions and to finally answer the question: How (Conservative) Jewish is same-sex marriage?RelatedN.J. Jewish Paper In Knots Ove…

Rosh Hodesh Tamuz

Fwd: ISNA Joins Interfaith Leaders at Faith Shared Event to Promote Religious Tolerance at National Cathedral

Having trouble viewing this email? Click here ISNA SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTISNA Joins Interfaith Leaders at Faith Shared Event to Promote Religious Tolerance at National CathedralSource: ISNA(Plainfield, IN, June 28, 2011)  Worshipers attending Sunday service at the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. this past weekend were of a much more diverse variety than usual.  Joining Christian worshipers were members of the Muslim and Jewish community for a special interfaith service focusing on promoting religious tolerance in our communities.   ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid joined Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman, Assistant Rabbi at Temple Beth Zion, and Reverend Dean Lloyd of the Washington National Cathedral, to lead prayers and speak during the interfaith service.
The holy books of all three Abrahamic faiths were on display during the service and in place of the traditional Sunday mass, each faith leader led recitations from their own holy books that focus on respect for diversity.  "God cou…

Alex Sinclair on JPOST: "The demagoguery of ridicule"

JPOST: "The demagoguery of ridicule"
06/27/2011 23:55

In recent months, many commentators have criticized the weakening commitment of young American Jewish communal leaders – rabbinical, cantorial, and Jewish education students – to the State of Israel. As the director of a new semester-in- Israel program for students at the Davidson School of Education of the Jewish Theological Seminary, I would like to suggest that these critiques are fundamentally flawed on at least three different levels: politically, educationally, and thirdly, and most significantly, in their conception of Jewish peoplehood.

On a political level, it's true that some American rabbinical, education and cantorial students hold "left-wing" opinions (although, in my experience, most cohorts contain students with views from across the political spectrum). Left-wing young American Jewish leaders have been attack…

What If?

What If?
(c) Rabbi Menachem CreditorWhat if......books only answered
questions actually asked?...people listened intently
for those real needs?...time's passage affirmed
decisions already made? allowed for
its own peaceful unfolding? ------
Rabbi Menachem Creditor ::  menachemcreditor.orgThis email was sent from my phone.  Please forgive any typos.

jweekly: "Lawsuit aims to axe circumcision bill from S.F. ballot"

Lawsuit aims to axe circumcision bill from S.F. ballot
Thursday, June 23, 2011 | by dan pine Jennifer and Jeremy Benjamin have their way, San Franciscans won't get a chance to vote on the proposed circumcision ban this fall.The Jewish mom and dad, along with several other plaintiffs, filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court June 22 to remove the proposed ban from theNov. 8 ballot.The suit, which was formally announced in a press conference on the steps of City Hall this week, claims that a city has no right to ban and criminalize legitimate medical procedures, such as circumcision, which are regulated by state law.John Arntz, the San Francisco director of elections, and Lloyd Schofield, who is spearheading the municipal ballot measure to ban circumcision for males under the age of 18, were named in the suit.Co-plaintiff Leticia Preza speaks June 22 on the ste…