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URGENT! Sign the Petition: "I Stand in Coalition to Oppose a Ban on Circumcision!" (plus media advisory, supporting organizations and rabbis, and FAQ)

URGENT: RE: Proposed Criminalization of – and Ban on – Circumcision in San Francisco Sign this Petition, email it to, and circulate this entire email widely!
I oppose the proposed ban and criminalization of circumcision in San Francisco. Include me in the list of coalition members who oppose this ballot initiative. I do so:

On behalf of an organization

As an individual

As an elected official

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Title: ___________________________________________________________________

Organization/Congregation: _________________________________________________

(if pledging opposition on behalf of an organization/ congregation):

Email Address ___________________________________________________________

Phone:    1. __________________________   2.________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________     Date: ____________________

Sign me up to lend support for this coalition's efforts:

I will help sec…

Kolot/Voices of CJ: "What I Want For My Children's Jewish Education"

What I Want For My Children's Jewish Education by Daniel Avraham ben David Kalmen v'Sarah My oldest child will be starting kindergarten next year, and I have been thinking about her Jewish education. I am proud to raise my children in an ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood and to be part of a vibrant Jewish community. I live a block away from a public school where my children can get an excellent secular education. I also want them to benefit from Jewish learning that is engaging, rigorous, and appropriate to their needs. With two working parents, our family spends Saturday observing Shabbat, and we treasure Sunday for the family time when we can do things we don't do on Shabbat. One option for my kindergartener's education is to spend around $20,000 to bus her to a day school miles away. That would pay for a secular education that would be approximately as good as the one at the public school, coupled wit…

Rabbi Adam Kligfeld: "Why it is more meaningful articulating "Sh'ma yis-ra-el..." than "Hear O Israel?"

Reflection from CJLS meeting on May 25, 2011"Why it is more meaningful articulating "Sh'ma yis-ra-el..." than "Hear O Israel?" Rabbi Adam Kligfeld share with you one insight stemming from a teshuvah (legal responsum) we discussed this week at the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards on the question of the heresh (one who is deaf) and to what extent sign language can, halakhically, stand-in for speech when creating rituals that permit the non-hearing community to be as fully enfranchised within Jewish life as possible.  Many around the table got stuck on the matter of Torah-reading.  Blessings can be recited in any language, according to halakhah.  One may recite the Amidah in English.  And so there is no reason a non-hearing person cannot "recite" blessings using signs.  Does that extend to Torah-reading?  What is the status of a Torah-service in which the congreg…