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Showing posts from July, 2010 "Rabbi clashes with Israeli embassy in Washington over Western Wall arrest" "Rabbi clashes with Israeli embassy in Washington over Western Wall arrest"By Natasha Mozgovaya

The Israeli embassy in Washington was enraged on Thursday after receiving a letter from modern Orthodox rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, who had organized a protest last week following the arrest of feminist activist Anat Hoffman.Hoffman, founder of the Women of the Wall movement, was arrested on July 13 for carrying a Torah scroll at the Western Wall, which Israeli courts have prohibited women from doing. Herzfeld, along with dozens of protesters, demonstrated at the Israeli embassy in Washington following the event."He basically blackmailed us and made some headlines at the expense of the [Israeli] ambassador [to Washington]. These North Korean-style negotiations are not in the spirit of our relationship with the Jewish community," a sourc…

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Edah is designed to be a vibrant and integral aspect of participating families lives and will be open to the entire Bay Area community, regardless of synagogue affiliation status.  It will be lead by Shalom Rosenberg (see bio below) who is responsible for program development and implementation and staffed by madrichim and enrichment specialists as needed.

EDAH: a community of Jewish learning and doing
Welcome to a new, innovative model of complementary Jewish Education! The 2010-2011 Edah program, a new part of the cutting-edge CNS Hebrew School, includes learning experiences with several concurrent features: learner-centered; project based; experiential; individual and group activities; Hebrew, Jewish values, and Jewish text integrated throughout; parent education; and family learning.  Edah learners will realize our program's goals in age ap… "Name Game: How Traditional Is The Conservative Movement?" "Name Game: How Traditional Is The Conservative Movement?"By Debra Nussbaum CohenPublished July 28, 2010, issue of August 06, 2010. What's in a name?Lately, that age-old question has become a burning issue for leaders of Conservative Judaism. NADJA SPIEGELMAN Chancellor: Arnold Eisen during a visit to the Forward. Once the largest of American Judaism's denominational streams, the movement today, though still significant, faces declining membership, financial difficulties and confusion about what it stands for. The confusion is in part a result of lost distinctions as Conservative Judaism has joined Reform, now the largest stream of Judaism, in adopting egalitarian practices and accepting women and gay and lesbian Jews as rabbis.At a July 22 meeting with Forward editors and reporters, Arnold Eisen, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary, which has long been regarded as Conservative Judaism's flagship academic ce… "Addressing treatment of workers, group readies new kosher seal" "Addressing treatment of workers, group readies new kosher seal" Talya Minsberg
Most religious dietary guidelines allow individuals to maintain a sense of holiness in their daily lives. For many Jews, that sense was shattered in spring of 2006, when an Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa was raided and found to have hundreds of illegal immigrants and dozens of violations, from unsafe conditions to unethical treatment of workers. It was the nation's largest kosher meatpacking plant. In June, Agriprocessors executive Sholom Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years of imprisonment on fraud charges, though he appealed his conviction earlier this month.The scandal has done more than send Rubashkin to jail. When American Jews learned that workers at the Agriprocessors plant faced dire conditions, including receiving safety instructions in English ev…

concerned about Veritas

While surfing Facebook just now, I just came across a site that has me very concerned.  is "The Veritas Handbook Home Page", which is VERY well done.  They just went public with a Press Release.  It is free, very viral(pdf, blog, fb, etc...), and uses Israel Advocacy techniques and resources to (as they put it) "provide readers with a fuller understanding of the development and progression of the Palestinian struggle for justice and equality."  But, similar to the BDS campaign, the framing of the project is much more problematic than the campaign itself.  The press release begins:
July is historically an important month in the struggle for Palestinian human rights. It was in July when the British Empire officially established its control over Palestine through the League of Nations Mandate System (July 24th 1922); it was in July when the first major Zionist terrorist attack against Palestinian civilians occurred (July 2…

Chancellor Eisen: JTS Year-End Review, July 2010

Dear Friend of JTS,I write to report on the remarkable year that just ended at The Jewish Theological Seminary; remarkable, not least because JTS met the serious challenges facing us (and every other institution of higher education in North America) with determined and thoughtful innovation. Consider a few accomplishments from the past ten months:Formulation and approval of a new vision and strategic plan to guide JTS’s futureSignificant restructuring of JTS’s administration, and major strides toward reorganization of the facultyRevitalization of the Board of Trustees under the leadership of new Board Chair Abby Joseph CohenThe awarding of numerous honors to JTS’s outstanding faculty, student body, and alumniPublic programs that highlighted the new direction in JTS’s service to our community and society at largeA balanced budget for 2010–2011 that sets future growth on a firm foundationA significant increase in the funds received by JTS in the form of grants, which contributed to tota…