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Announcing Ramah's First Bike Tour of Israel

MAY 15 - 24, 2011 RAMAH BIKE TOUR OF ISRAEL Join us for Ramah'sfirst Israel Bike Tour: five unforgettable days of cycling from the spectacular Western Galilee to the Golan Heights. Raise money for Ramah programs for children with special needs. Learn about the history and geography of the Galilee as we cycle in the footsteps of the Halutzim (pioneers). Spend a memorable Ramah-Shabbat and experience the warmth of Lag BaOmer in the North. All transfers, lodging in comfortable hotels, and most meals about hassle-free! The entire ride is fully supported for your comfort and safety and will be carefully planned by an experienced Israeli biking company to assure a fabulous experience. The trip is intended for ALL RIDERS, and will motivate you to train prior to the trip (who couldn't use some of that?). On average we will cycle between 20 to 50 miles a day (depending on terrain). There will be more challenging options for those who are interested. Option… "‘Rabba’ Appearance Stirs Up Controversy" "'Rabba' Appearance Stirs Up Controversy"

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Staff Report Rabba Sara Hurwitz of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, who was invited to speak at the Young Israel of Hewlett on a Shabbat several weeks ago, has come and gone. But a flare-up over her title continues to reverberate in the Five Towns community, prompting rabbis and others there to lash out at each other.Writing in the Five Towns Jewish Times the week after her appearance, Rabbi Aryeh Z. Ginzberg of the Chofetz Chaim Torah Center in Cedarhurst repeatedly described the invitation to Rabba Hurwitz as a "great bizayon haTorah [disgrace to the Torah], the degradation of the gedolei Torah [rabbinic sages] that took place in our community." Noting that some may be angry at him for "stirring the pot," the rabbi said he was speaking o… "Young Israel Movement In Turmoil Over Upstate Shul" "Young Israel Movement In Turmoil Over Upstate Shul" Wednesday, June 30, 2010 / Stewart Ain,Staff Writer
In the wake of an unprecedented move by the National Council of Young Israel to expel a member congregation in upstate Syracuse, a rebellion is brewing among some of the Orthodox congregations affiliated with the movement.The challenge to the National Council surfaced during a conference call last Thursday with representatives of the organization's nearly 150 member congregations.At the end of what was described as a contentious call — during which National Council leaders repeatedly refused to discuss plans to expel a member congregation in Syracuse — one synagogue representative made a motion of no-confidence in the National Council's leadership. With that, the national leaders hung up, leaving synagogue representatives puzzled and upset, according …

Order Your Own Kittel!

Buy Your Own Kittel!
Netivot Shalom is placing our annual Kittel order on July 30th!

A Kittel is traditionally worn on several important occasions: Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur, Pesach, at one's own wedding, and for burial. We are encouraging CNS members to purchase their own this year.  Kittels communicate a number of messages:

1) White is a symbol of the purity we hope to achieve through Teshuva/Repentance and Tefilah/Prayer.
2) The Kittel is a symbol of equality which reminds us that no person is superior to another.
3) The Kittel reminds us of our mortality and the value of life.

As Rabbi Jack Moline writes, "Imagine looking across the congregation and seeing a sea of white ...Imagine the true equality of each collection of prayers and meditations ...And imagine the ability to focus more directly on prayer and repentance without the distraction of concern about personal appearance. (from The Whole Kittel and Caboodle)."

The price for a new Kittel is $50.  We are placing a…

"The Scent of Hagar and The Redemption of Sarah": A Reflection on Genesis 25:1

"The Scent of Hagar and The Redemption of Sarah": A Reflection on Genesis 25:1
(C) Rabbi Menachem CreditorIt is suggested that Abraham's prophecy paled in comparison to Sarah's
(Gen. 21:12). Sarah's harshness to Hagar (Gen 21:10) makes this hard
to accept. How powerful, then, to read the Kli Yakar's commentary on
Genesis 25:1, in which Hagar's and Ishmael's expulsions are righteous
and Hagar's return to Abraham as 'Keturah' cherished and holy.Sarah sees Hagar's idolatry as a destructive and contaminating force.
The Kli Yakar, leveraging older midrash, sees Hagar's subsequent
exilic journey as purifying, and suggests that her fragrance deepened
with self-examination, that ultimately her scent, which Abraham
remembered well, took on sacred properties through her difficult path.
All this began with Sarah's instruction.Abraham's journey, too, is compared to the uncorking of his particular
perfume (Breisheet Rabbah on Gen. 12:1), final…

Rabbi Arthur Green on "How Hasidism Went Astray" "How Hasidism Went Astray" OpinionBy Arthur GreenPublished June 23, 2010, issue of July 02, 2010. For the past half-century, I have been reading and studying the sources of Hasidism with both affection and respect. I have worked as a historian of Hasidic thought and, more recently, as a theologian trying to construct a contemporary Judaism on the basis of Hasidic insights. Like the Hasidic master Pinhas of Korzec, who once thanked God that his soul came into the world after the Zohar was revealed "because the Zohar kept me a Jew," I know that I owe my own Judaism primarily to the Baal Shem Tov and his followers.Over this same time period, however, I have looked with growing dismay at contemporary Hasidism and the various positions it has taken on matters of concern to all Jews. The latest, and most ridiculously degrading, incident is the flap about Ashkenazic-Sephardic integration that is convulsing Israel. At the cen…

Rabbi Gary Creditor: "Gilad Shalit: Four Years Later Four Years Too Late"

Gilad Shalit – Four Years Later – Four Years Too LateRabbi Gary S. CreditorJune 25, 2010Richmond, VirginiaWhen Ruby and I led our synagogue tour to Israel in the summer of 2006, Gilad Shalit had just been captured, kidnapped in a terrorist attack at the Keren Shalom crossing point into Gaza. The terrible of irony of these past days in the demand for 'humanitarian aid' to be allowed to enter Gaza, this was one of those crossing points. How does the world expect material to enter if the Hamas terrorists attack the Israelis on their side of the border? Why does the word "humanitarian" apply to "them" and "not to us?" [I don't like the answer I have, but from millennium of hatred of the Jews is the answer that they don't consider us human.]  It is inconceivable that four long, hard years later he is still in captivity. His parents have been tortured during these years with longing to know if he was even alive. It is not that the State of Israe…

DANIEL GORDIS on "The five-state solution"