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Tisha Be’av 5768: “Fire Scars”

Tish Be'av 5768: "Fire Scars" © Rabbi Menachem Creditor
I stood today in a burnt Holy of Holies, staring at the scorched walls reaching toward the sky. I was moved to tears at the ancient loss, standing in island of black. It was a sacred experience beyond time and it will remain with me.
The holy "fire scar" I witnessed was not in Jerusalem, but rather deep within the Cathedral Grove of Muir Forest. This native sanctuary has weathered wildfires which occasionally kill mature trees and open holes in the canopy toward which younger successors grow. Nearly every big redwood at Muir has a fire scar, a place where long ago flames burned through the bark and cambium layer. But, ever resilient in the face of such phenomena, redwoods slowly cover the scar with new wood; eventually there will be no external sign the burn ever occurred. How familiar this feels to the Jewish soul.
Tisha Be'av, this coming Sunday, is the day upon which we remember (and some mourn) t…