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Dvar Torah Upon Being Installed as Rabbi of Congregation Netivot Shalom

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Birshut Ishti Morati (my wife, my teacher), Avi Rabi uMori (my father, my rabbi, my teacher), my dear Savta (grandmother), Rabi Rei'I uMori Rabbi Artson (my rabbi, my friend, my teacher), cherished friends and teachers, Kehilati HaK'dosha (my holy community):
There is no honor higher for me than being partner in love and life with my precious Liz, and in being father to Ariel Shlomit, Moshe Tzvi and Raya Meital.In their arms I am full.And in touch with the Divine.
The only calling in my life that can compare to that one is an unconditional love for and commitment to the Jewish people, and in adding health and justice to the world we share.
And in this sacred home, the loving community known to the world as Netivot Shalom, all my loves live together.
My friends, it was exactly one year ago this week, during Parashat VaYak'hel-Pekudei, that I came with my family to explore a possible relationship with Congregation Netivot Shalom.I remember that Shabbat ver…

Links for "Living a Mythic Life 1: Mythic Time"

Shalom Chevreh,

Here are the links I mentioned in our discussion today, "Mythic Time", the first part of our Living a Mythic Life series.

Time is not Fact (Creditor)
An Ode to Remaining Broken: In a New York State of Mind (Creditor)
Overcome, if only... (Creditor)
The Problematics of Myth (Gillman)
The Resurrection of the Dead (Jacobs)

Kol Tuv, and Looking forward to learning Torah together again!

Rabbi Creditor

Time is not Fact

© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Time is not Fact.

Though many-layered glass may separate a person from the sun,
still there is warmth.

So too is the limited power of the passage of time.

A scent makes decades evaporate as parent rebecomes child.
A glimpse transforms the beholder.

Distance is an illusion.